Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance


You've popped the question, they've said yes (hoorah!) and now it's time to start planning and paying for the big day. But with the average wedding costing £20,500, should you fork out for insurance to cover it? Before we get going it's vital to understand what wedding insurance does and doesn't cover. In a nutshell..

Wedding insurance covers a problem with the venue or a supplier, or a key wedding party member falling ill. It does NOT cover a change of heart.

Venue cancellation and supplier failure are the two main reasons people buy wedding insurance.

The following are typically NOT covered by standard wedding insurance policies.

  • Cold feet
  • Cancellation if only a small part of the day goes wrong
  • Cancellation due to financial difficulty, other than redundancy
  • Pre-existing conditions that cause cancellation

The following are typically not covered on more basic policies but you can sometimes pay extra to get them added.

  • If bad weather ruins the experience
  • Marquee cover
  • Ceremonial swords
  • Public liability

The sooner you buy your wedding insurance the sooner you're covered, should something go wrong and you need to cancel, postpone or get a refund for one element of the wedding.

It doesn't cost any extra to book earlier and you can buy most policies from two years before the wedding date up until around a week, or sometimes 24 hours, before – even if you've already paid for deposits.

This means you'd be covered should the venue be destroyed in a fire a year before your wedding date, or if a serious illness set in for a family member six months before the ceremony.

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