UK Business Data

Access Responsive, GDPR Compliant Business Data

Due to GDPR we have built a UK business database for our own marketing purposes which adheres to these regulations.  The database contains 130,687 UK limited companies.  It also contains only generic email addresses which are confirmed to be used by the company’s decision makers.  Therefore, although you are emailing a generic email address your message is delivered to a decision maker. 

The information fields included are the company name, email address, postal address, decision maker name, job title, telephone number, website address, number of employees, turnover, business description and region.

The database has taken us just over six months to develop and we are looking to sell a limited number of copies to none competing businesses.

The data is accurate, up to date, responsive and complies with GDPR for email marketing purposes.  Email addresses are checked monthly and as of 8th March are 100% delivered.

The cost of the database is £45.  If you would like to purchase a copy please complete the form below.

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