Motor Insurance - Criminal Convictions

Do you need Motor Insurance, but have Criminal Convictions?

Motor insurance for people with criminal convictions is both specialist and critical cover. It is imperative that you deal with a specialist insurance broker who will take the time to ensure that your motor insurance covers you for all eventualities. Taking these precautions doesn’t always make the cover more expensive – it just means that you have complete peace of mind knowing that your motor insurance is a perfect fit for your needs.

At Insure Guide we are completely impartial, and we will quickly put you in touch with a specialist motor insurance broker who will meet your unique requirements.  We are a help and advisory service for ‘difficult to find’ and specialist insurance.  You can call us and talk to a broker immediately or complete our web form and a specialist broker will call you back within the hour.

A specialist insurance broker will discuss your insurance with you and then find you the best motor insurance cover available for you at the best cost available. This takes all the worry away from you as a professional is doing all the leg work for you.

When applying for motor insurance one of the questions you will be asked is do you have any convictions in the last 5 years, it is vitally important that you answer this question honestly as this could affect your insurance dramatically, under the Under the Road Traffic Act 1998 it is an offence to withhold this information and insurance companies have their ways and means of finding this information out and you could end up getting your policy void.

It is highly likely that once you have declared your conviction your premium will rise and sometimes depending on the conviction they may decline your insurance.

Unfortunately, you may be stuck with a slightly higher premium till your conviction is spent which is usually after 5 years depending on what the conviction is but always check with your insurance provider as this may vary.

Not all insurance companies will provide insurance when you have convictions and the ones that do can often put the price up to such a degree you may find you can no longer afford to be on the road, but our insurance brokers will go through this with you and there may be ways of bringing your premiums down, 

  • Reducing your mileage

  • Increasing your voluntary excess

  • Limit the people who you have on your policy

You will now be aware that motor insurance for people with previous convictions is a specialist cover that requires a specialist insurance broker. It is imperative that you are covered adequately for every aspect at the right cost and only a specialist broker can provide adequate motor insurance.

Here at Insure Guide we can make this a quick and easy process for you.  ­We are a supportive service for ‘difficult to find’ and specialist insurance.  Simply complete our web form below and a specialist broker will call you back within the hour.

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