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Can't find insurance cover?

We specialise in 'difficult to find' insurance.  Are you having a nightmare trying to find insurance cover? 

We will put you in touch with an insurance broker who can provide you with insurance cover at the best possible price.  Whether you are looking for travel insurance to cover medical conditions or you need home insurance and live in a flood zone, we can find you cover.  Perhaps you are a tattoo artist or maybe you are pregnant and needing to travel.  There are many different eventualities that can make insurance cover very difficult to find.  Please take a look at the ‘difficult to find’ insurance types we can help with below. 

Whatever the problematic type of insurance you are looking for we have a specialist and dedicated panel of brokers that will offer you cover. 

Simply complete the contact form at the bottom of the insurance type page relevant to you and an insurance professional will be in touch with you within one hour.  They will discuss your insurance needs with you and will obtain you the insurance cover you need. 

If you are having difficultly finding Insurance - Look for the type of insurance you require below and then click on the specific type.

Travel Insurance

Travel General.jpg

Awaiting Diagnosis or Treatment Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for those undergoing chemotherappy or radiation

Travel insurance – cancellation cover due to a family member being unwell

Travel insurance - cancellation cover (general)

Travel insurance – treatment abroad i.e. plastic surgery

Travel Insurance - One Way

Travel Insurance - Already left the UK

Travel Insurance - Arthiritis

Travel Insurance:  Asthma

Travel Insurance - Backpacker

Travel Insurance - Breast Cancer

Travel Insurance - Business Travel

Travel Insurance -  Cancer Patients

Travel Insurance - Child Travelling Alone

Travel Insurance - Cystic Fibrosis

Travel Insurance - Depression / Mental Illness

Travel Insurance - Diabetes

Travel Insurance- Disability

Travel Insurance - Diverticulitis

Travel Insurance - During Pregnancy: Up to 30 Weeks

Travel Insurance During Pregnancy: Up to 32 weeks

Travel Insurance - During Pregnancy: Up to 36 weeks

Travel Insurance - Enlarged Prostate

Travel Insurance - Epilepsy

Travel Insurance - Expatriates

Travel Insurance - Extreme Sports

Travel Insurance - Gap Year

Travel Insurance - Groups

Travel Insurance: Heart Attack

Travel Insurance: Hernia

Travel Insurance: High Blood Pressure

Travel Insurance: High Cholesterol

Travel Insurance: International Student

Travel Insurance: Joint Replacement

Travel Insurance: Leukaemia

Travel Insurance: Long Stay

Travel Insurance: Pre Existing Medical Conditions

Travel Insurance: Pre Existing Medical Conditions - up to 24 days

Travel Insurance: Pre Existing Medical Conditions- up to 120 days

Travel Insurance: Pre Existing Medical Conditions- up to 31 days

Travel Insurance: Pre Existing Medical Conditions- up to 35 days

Travel Insurance: Pre Existing Medical Conditions- up to 45 days

Travel Insurance: Pre Existing Medical Conditions- up to 93 days

Travel Insurance: Non UK Residents

Travel Insurance: Organ Transplant

Travel Insurance: Single Trip / One Way

Travel Insurance: Sports Tours

Travel Insurance: Stroke

Travel Insurance: Up to 110 years old

Travel Insurance: Up to 85 years old

Travel Insurance: War Zones / High Risk Countries

Travel Insurance: Working Abroad

Sports Insurance


Buildings / property & Contents Insurance


Medical Insurance


Medical: Accident Sickness and Unemployment

Medical: Care Homes

Medical: Commercial Combined

Medical: Critical illness incl Travel

Medical: Dental Insurance

Medical: Domiciliary Care

Medical: Life Insurance for Cancer Survivor

Medical: Life Insurance - Medical Conditions

Medical: Long Term Care

Medical: Malpractice

Medical: Medical Insurance - Overseas

Medical: Mobility Scooters

Medical: Multiple Births

Medical: Private Health Insurance - up to 80 years

Medical: Term Life / Death in Service

Medical: Wheelchairs - Electric


Vehicle / Motor Insurance


Caravan: Caravan- Static

Caravan: Caravan- Touring

Mobility Scooter Insurance

Motor - Any driver insurance

Motor - American Cars

Motor - American RV / Winnebago

Motor - Exporting Vehicles

Motor - Non UK residents who wish to insure their car whilst in the UK but without registering the car in the UK.

Motor - Purchase of vehicles in Europe by non UK resident

Motor - Vehicle and owner overseas

Motor- Extended European Cover

Motor: 2nd/3rd Cars

Motor: Car Rental Abroad Top Up

Motor: Cars - Modern Very High Value Liability

Motor: Chauffeur Operators

Motor: Classic Car (Breakdown)

Motor: Classic Cars

Motor: Classic Motorcycles

Motor: Coaches

Motor: Commercial Vehicle

Motor: Couriers - (Vans), Liability & GIT

Motor: Couriers - Motorcycles

Motor: Couriers -All Risks

Motor: Criminal Convictions

Motor: Custom vehicle / Hotrod

Motor: Driving Instructors

Motor: Epileptic Motor Cover

Motor: Excess Insurance

Motor: Fleet / Commercial

Motor: Foreign Licence

Motor: Hauliers

Motor: High Performance Cars

Motor: High Risk Cars

Motor: Hire - Public/Private

Motor: Imported Car

Motor: Imported Bike

Motor: In-car equipment

Motor - Kit Car Insurance

Motor: Legal Expenses

Motor: Limited mileage

Motor: Limousines

Motor: Loss of Licence LGV Drivers

Motor: Minibuses

Motor: Mobility Scooters

Motor: Modified Vehicles

Motor: Motor Cycles

Motor: Motor Imported

Motor: Motor Cycles Modified

Motor: Motor Fleets

Motor: Over 50

Motor: Over 70

Motor: Over 80

Motor: Previous Convictions

Motor: Quad Bike

Motor: Replacement Vehicle

Motor: Replica / Kit / Non Standard Car

Motor: Short Term

Motor: Special group drivers

Motor: Special Types

Motor: Taxis - Private Hire Licenced

Motor: Temporary Cover

Motor: Trade

Motor: Vehicles Modified for the Disabled

Motor: Vintage Cars

Motor: Young Drivers


Exotic Animal.jpg

Exotic Animal Insurance


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