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Can't find travel insurance cover?

We specialise in 'difficult to find' travel insurance.  Are you having a nightmare trying to find travel insurance cover? 

We will put you in touch with an insurance broker who can provide you with travel insurance cover at the best possible price.  Whether you are looking for travel insurance to cover medical conditions, you’re travelling when pregant or you’re over 70 years of age.

Whatever the problematic type of travel insurance you are looking for we have a specialist and dedicated panel of brokers that will offer you cover. 

Simply complete the contact form at the bottom of the insurance type page relevant to you and an insurance professional will be in touch with you within one hour.  They will discuss your insurance needs with you and will obtain you the insurance cover you need. 

If you are having difficultly finding Insurance - Look for the type of insurance you require below and then click on the specific type.

Travel Insurance


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Click on the type of Travel Insurance you are looking for above. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please complete the form below.

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